A family vacation in San Diego will not be complete if you do not take the children to Legoland. This theme park is made of life-size Lego blocks. I remember as a child, playing with my Legos trying to build something up.As I was walking towards the front entrance to buy our tickets, I’ve noticed the colorful booths right away. I knew from that moment, that it would be a great day for my family and me.Inside Legoland is over 50 thrilling rides, shows, and plenty of attractions. There are some rides that don’t have height restrictions. It’s great for the youngest member of the family.A good example is the Swabbies Deck, where the toddlers can play in the water with pop-up water jets, squirt cannons and water fountains.The park recommends that children under 4 years old should wear diaper swimwear. Bring extra clothes to change, towels, and swimsuits too.

A must-see attraction at Legoland is the Miniland USA. They reconstructed seven areas of the USA with 20 million Lego bricks. It is truly a wonderful work of art.It is a miniature version of Washington D.C., New York City, New Orleans, Florida, San Francisco, the Southern California coastline, and of course, the fabulous Las Vegas Strip. From the façade of the hotel and casino buildings to Treasure Island’s Battle of the Pirate Ships Show, they got everything down to the very last detail.Also, inside the Miniland, is the Model Shop, where you’ll have a chance to watch the master builders work and create models for the park.Is your kid interested in digging dinosaur bones? The Dino Island allows them to do just that. You can bring your own buckets and shovels or rent one of theirs for a small fee.Take an adventure to the jungle of Africa at the Safari Trek attractions. Here, you can find life-size lions, giraffes, zebras and many more. All made of Lego Bricks.The roller coaster rides are adventurous. Fighting with pirates and dragons, you can be a hero for a day.Everything at Legoland is an adventure. Aside from all the things I’ve mentioned, there are also specialty activities too, such as golfing, treasure hunting and face painting to name a few.Some of the attractions are close certain time of the year due to maintenance or special events.