Balboa Park

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Known as the largest urban cultural park in America. San Diego’s Balboa Park offers over 85 cultural attractions, including 15 museums, stunning gardens, theaters, restaurants, shops, and the famous San Diego Zoo. Balboa Park is where you can find some of the most beautiful Spanish Colonial Revival style buildings. The park has more than eight gardens, including the historic Botanical garden, the Rose garden and the lovely Alcazar garden. Admittance to the park is free, including all the gardens. Balboa Park offers free Tuesdays on selected museums and free organ concerts for the public on Sundays. The San Diego Zoo, which is in the Balboa Park area, is the home of over 7,000 animals, mostly rare and endangered animals, including the famous pandas from Mainland China.

These animals are of 800 species and subspecies. The zoo also grows about 40 different bamboos in the panda’s habitat and some area of the park. It is used to feed the pandas. And over 18 Eucalyptus trees are also grown in the property to feed the koalas. Within the zoo is a display of over 700,000 botanical plants. Most are labeled with additional information such as the country of origin. The San Diego Zoo’s hours of operations are from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. daily with extended hours in the summer and special student travel discounts. Another great thing to do in Balboa Park is going to theater productions. The Old Globe Theaters offers a wide assortment of world-class productions, including the Summer Shakespeare Festival. Two of the hit Broadway musical shows also started at the Globes. They were the “Full Monty,” and the “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.”The Old Globe Theaters has been entertaining both locals and tourists for 70 years. Balboa Park has a lot of wonderful things to offer and beautiful places to see. It’s been captivating the hearts of millions of visitors every year.